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Eye shop in Kaien Island

When you see your eye doctor for your new prescription Kaien Island eyeglasses, you probably wouldn’t expect that you might not have the right prescription. However, although it’s not typical; sometimes mistakes happen. There are times when you might end up with the wrong prescription eyeglasses. If this occurs, call us at Omni Eye and Vision and one of our dedicated staff members will assist you.

Eye shop in Kaien Island

If you just got a new pair of Kaien Island eyeglasses, are experiencing symptoms like headaches, blurred vision, dizziness or other symptoms, contact us at Omni Eye and Vision right away. We’ll set up an appointment to see the eye doctor, so you can be evaluated. It’s important to find out the root cause of your symptoms and to see if you need a different prescription. Even though it doesn’t happen very often, it’s possible that your prescription might need to be adjusted. There are several reasons someone could end up with the wrong reading glasses prescription. Some possible reasons include: a simple mistake and your state of health during your eye exam. Someone could have written down a symbol for refraction correction on the prescription incorrectly by mistake. Another possible reason is that you could have gotten incorrect results from the eye exam because certain factors like fatigue. If you were tired or had not eaten before the eye exam, the results would be impacted. You should not take an eye exam if you are very tired or if you haven’t eaten. Fatigue and low blood sugar levels due to not eating can affect the exam and can produce inaccurate results. It’s very important to make sure you don’t take your eye exam if you have an empty stomach, if you’re tired or not feeling well. Your eye exam is the tool your eye doctor uses to provide you with your prescription. You need to take it under the right conditions in order to get accurate results.

To learn more about getting the right Kaien Island eyeglasses prescription, you should consult with our eye doctor. Contact us to set up your appointment today.