Prince Rupert Contact Lens Exam

Prince Rupert Contact Lens Exam

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Omni Eye and Vision is your place to get a Prince Rupert contact lens exam. Our contact lens exams and fittings are done by our trained optometrists, who can perform either type of exam depending on the level of vision correction needed. We also treat patients with astigmatism.

Because eyeglass and Prince Rupert contact lens exam prescriptions are both different, they require different types of exams. An eye exam is used to first to check for any eye disorders, conditions or diseases. A vision screening is used to see if vision correction is needed on the eyes, if eyeglasses or contact lenses may be appropriate for the vision correction and to what level. It’s important to come in for an annual eye exam each year to check for these conditions and catch them early on before vision loss starts. Many eye diseases come on slowly and without warning, making it imperative to have a vision check each year by our eye doctor.

Should you be a candidate for either eyeglasses or a Prince Rupert contact lens exam appointment, we’ll prescribe the proper eyewear for you and explain treatment methods, how to keep eyes healthy, and, in the case of contact lenses, keep eyes dry and clear of infection. Specific size contact lenses can be ordered based on these measurements. Improper fitting contact lenses can harm the eyes and make them feel extremely uncomfortable. If contacts that are not the right size are worn, they can also damage the cornea. Corneal damage is dangerous and can be permanent if it is not treated in time. Some eyes react better to different brands of contact lenses, so there may be an adjustment period as the patient finds the contacts that fit best for them.

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